Benefits of Old Navy visa credit card

Old Navy visa credit card is gaining fast popularity among shoppers. Old Navy started as a clothing retailer in 1994. Today it has a number of stores all over US and Canada. Catering to a large number of customers all over US, it makes for a very satisfying shopping experience. Just like any other retail stores, Old Navy too offers its customers the choice of two cards, Old Navy VISA credit card and Old Navy Charge Card. The prime focus of this page is to look at the various aspects of Old Navy VISA credit card and its benefits. But one needs to get approval first to quality for the card. Your chances get slim if you have a poor past credit history.
For the Old Navy visa credit card, there are multiple benefits. To begin with you earn points or rewards with every purchase you make at the store or its affiliates like Banana Republic or GAP. Moreover, there are many special discount offers going on the for the card holders. When you buy anything using Old Navy visa credit card, you get five points per dollar spent in Old Navy or its affiliated stores, and one point per dollar spent elsewhere else. Thus you keep earning rewards even as you shop. You can keep collecting these pints and then redeem them at the store for a free gift.

Shopping with Old Navy visa credit is a great experience especially when you are out shopping for your whole family. The card members are notified of any special sales or discounts or even going on at Old Navy. You simply earn 1 point for every $1 spent everywhere. Once you collect 500 points, you earn $5 Reward Card. You also earn 500 bonus Rewards points for going paperless. Th4e maximum bonus reward points you can earn is 2, 000 bonus reward points.

The Old Navy visa credit card holders get advance notifications of new sale events and discounts. You can access your account 24/7 online. You can get exclusive offers and special promotions. Every Tuesday, there is 10% off at Old Navy as well as Gap and Piperlime. You are remerged on you birthday and get to enjoy some Special birthday savings, but in order to enjoy this benefit, you need to buy at least one item at Old Navy. The grace period for Old Navy visa credit card holders is 23 days and maximum late fee is $35.

There is also the Card Security program where all your account balance up to $10,000 will get nullified in case of any unforeseen incident like disability, unemployment, hospitalization or loss of life. You can enroll for this program by clicking on the enrollment button in the online application form. All your transactions get carried in a very safe and secure environment and you can rest assured that all your personal and financial information is in safe hands. Any unlawful access is strictly forbidden with the help of advanced technology, thus ensuring complete security and confidentiality when using Old Navy visa credit card.